Services for People with Disabilities

Boy sitting in chair in Parent Infant Program.The Arc of San Diego is the largest, most comprehensive provider of services for people with disabilities in San Diego County. Our organization was founded in 1951 by parents and other community members who were concerned about the lack of services available for people with disabilities and their families. The Arc provides services for persons with disabilities at more than 20 locations throughout the county. Through our programs we are able to offer support to people with disabilities in living independent and fulfilling lives.  

Early Intervention Services

  • Provides family centered early educational services for children from birth to three years old with developmental delays or "at risk" for delay.
  • This high quality, early intervention often leads to mainstreaming and helps eliminate the need for future services.

Day Training Services

  • Combines classroom instruction with community integration and vocational development.
  • Provides support with essential life-skills such as grooming, communication, and socialization as well as vocational training and self-advocacy.
  • Offers volunteer and paid work experiences in fully-integrated community environments.
  • Arc also provides opportunities for seniors with disabilities to participate in recreational activities, as well as enjoy part-time paid work and volunteer opportunities.

Production Centers

  • Offers people with disabilities the opportunity to learn essential work skills while earning a paycheck.
  • Enhances the work and social skills to assist with transitioning to community employment.
  • Supports the collating, assembly, and packaging needs of local businesses with providing jobs for people with disabilities.
  Arc Community Employment Services

  • Puts people with disabilities to work in a variety of industries throughout the community.
  • Assists with minimizing barriers to community employment and offers job placement sites where a group of individuals work at local businesses and receive wages as trainees.
  • Provides individual job placement within the local work force, with on-the-job training and ongoing support.

Community Living Services

  • Offers a warm and supportive environment to instill confidence and responsibility while meeting the housing needs of people with disabilities.
  • Residents are supported by professionally trained staff who provide 24/7 care.

Independent Living Services

  • Supports people with disabilities who desire to live on their own and be part of our local communities.
  • Training includes household and money management, health and personal safety, accessing community resources and recreational activities.

Respite ServicesCamp-A-Lot camper emjoys the swimming pool at camp.

  • Caring for a loved one with a disability often requires extra attention, and The Arc's Respite Services gives families short-term relief by providing care in-home or in our weekend overnight Respite House.


  • The Arc's Personal and Leisure Services (PALS) offers local recreational activities and excursions. Activities helps participants build relationships with peers through relaxation, entertainments, and new experiences.
  • Our Place Wellness Center offers opportunities to participate in adaptive yoga, fitness and nutrition classes as well as art and music therapies.


The Arc of San Diego believes community integration provides the best environment for people with disabilities to learn practical skills and develop interpersonal relationships. We pave ways for independence through learning and accessing community resources.   

The Arc of San Diego is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. All participants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, veteran, ancestry, age, religion, disability, citizenship status or any other group protected by the law.

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