Three Decades of Dedication: Celebrating Rhonda R. Handy’s 30-Year Journey with The Arc of San Diego

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We are honored to announce that Rhonda R. Handy, currently serving as the Executive Assistant to the President & CEO, is commemorating her remarkable 30 year journey with our organization.

In October 1993, she joined as a Secretary II in the Human Resources Department. Since April 1994, Rhonda has provided vital administrative support to the President & CEO and the Boards of Directors for both The Arc of San Diego and the Arc San Diego Foundation.

With over 30 years of experience in Executive and Office Management, Rhonda is a dedicated professional who consistently goes above and beyond in her role.

Her Motivation

Rhonda’s motivation to join The Arc of San Diego was fueled by the organization's meaningful mission to support people with disabilities and the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of others.

During her time at the Arc of San Diego, Rhonda has found great fulfillment in her involvement in various aspects of the organization, including her work with the advocate council, marketing, fundraising, and special events. Through these experiences, she has witnessed the direct impact of her efforts in raising awareness and building support for The Arc of San Diego's mission. Working alongside dedicated staff and volunteers who share her commitment to the cause has been a rewarding journey. As she looks ahead, Rhonda is excited to continue contributing to The Arc's mission and its unwavering dedication to improving lives of people with disabilities.

Rhonda’s Memorable Moments at The Arc

It has been Rhonda's honor to work with all of The Arc of San Diego's Presidents & CEOs for the past 30 years, witnessing the remarkable progress in increasing the inclusion of people with disabilities and the incredible growth of The Arc of San Diego. She has seen the organization's commitment to expanding its programs and services, accommodating a broader spectrum of disabilities, and reaching more individuals and families. The emphasis on promoting inclusive employment has been particularly significant, offering not just job opportunities but also vocational training that empowers individuals to learn valuable skills so they can contribute meaningfully to the workforce.

The Arc of San Diego's Impact and Envisioning Its Future

Rhonda has witnessed The Arc of San Diego's incredible impact on the community, as it dedicates itself to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities. Over the years, it has played a pivotal role in fostering greater inclusion, acceptance, and opportunities for our clients.

Looking to the future, Rhonda envisions The Arc of San Diego continuing to be a leader in the field of disability advocacy and support. She sees the organization expanding and offering innovative programs and services that empower people with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives and actively participate in their communities.

Thank you Rhonda for your hard work, passion, and the difference you've made over the years. Your legacy will continue to inspire and benefit our community for many years to come!