Highlight on Donny Harris - Respite Client

Donny Harris, Respite Consumer of the Year 2010Donald "Donny" Harris has been a client in The Arc of San Diego's Respite Program since October 2008. He receives both In-Home Respite Services as well as participates in the Weekend Respite Home service where his enthusiasm and love of people has made him a favorite of his fellow program participants. He is also loved by The Arc staff who enjoy his amiable and outgoing personality.

In addition to Respite Services, Donny attends the Senior Day Program at The Arc of San Diego's East County Training Center where he participates in several activities and takes trips around the community. He previously worked at and received a paycheck from John Towers, part of The Arc of San Diego's Arc Enterprises workshop program.

Donny loves going to the movies, shopping, and talking about sports. He and his family are active members of their church and participate in many family-based community activities. His family recognizes the importance of the Weekend Respite House as an opportunity for both Donny and his family members to socialize with others and develop friendships.

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