Early Intervention Services for Children with Developmental Delays

Early Intervention Services provide support for young children from birth to three years old with developmental delays or who are "at risk" for delay. The goal of the service is to enable each child to reach his or her fullest potential.

Our program focuses on the whole child by recognizing both strengths and needs. Every activity is presented within a play environment of daily routines focusing on various areas of development: fine and gross motor skills, personal and social interaction, self-help, cognition, and language.

Both home and center-based support services for children with disabilities are offered through our Early Intervention Services. If families select a home-based learning program, staff will make regularly scheduled visits to the home to work with the child and family. If families choose a classroom learning program, the child is brought to an Arc facility, community pre-school, or other appropriate toddler programs to participate in small, group activities with other children.

Additionally, if a child needs help with a specific area such as language, motor or self-help skills, our Early Intervention Services utilize the support of physical, occupational, music and speech therapists. The therapist works with the child and shares learning strategies that can be used at home. A behavior specialist is also available to give support to families with children with disabilities if needed.


For more information, contact Becky Thaller, Early Intervention Services Program Director, at 619-685-1175, ext. 4267 or via email.

Early Intervention Photo