Day Programs for Adults with Disabilities

The Arc of San Diego's Day Training Programs provide support with essential life skills and combine classroom instruction with community integration and vocational development.

Together with your family and a San Diego Regional Center service coordinator, our programs for adults with disabilities help you develop goals and objectives that lead to a better future. We pay special attention to your personal needs and preferences.

Every week a schedule structured around your interests and objectives is prepared. We stress self-advocacy and communication in order to maximize independence. Adaptive technology is also used to facilitate daily learning; in addition, you may benefit from the services of speech therapists and behavior specialists in our programs for adults with disabilities.

Classroom Instruction

Emphasis is placed on putting the knowledge acquired in the classroom to practical use. Curriculum focused on communication, safety, money management, personal and social concerns, and life skills. Specialty courses are available in art, American Sign Language, behavioral management, bilingual instruction, computers, cooking, geriatrics, and self-advocacy. All teaching materials for our programs for people with disabilities are chronologically age-appropriate.


For more information, please contact Melanie McCoy, Senior Director of Adult Day Services at (619) 685-1175, ext. 1241 or via email.

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Community Integration

The Arc provides instruction and support to enable you to participate in the community more independently. We offer transition training from the classroom to a broader, more natural environment. Day Training Services also offer volunteer and paid work experience in fully integrated community environments.

Vocational Development

Vocational Development is an opportunity to learn a variety of skills that will prepare you for the type of work you want. You gain valuable experience working on a variety of light industrial contracts, janitorial, grounds maintenance, and recycling jobs.

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