March is National Disability Awareness Month

During March 2021, The Arc of San Diego is celebrating National Disability Awareness Month. This is an opportunity to promote respect for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and increase awareness of the daily obstacles faced by these individuals and their families. The Arc of San Diego is celebrating and commemorating the progress made toward improving the lives of people with disabilities while also highlighting the challenges that remain in achieving full inclusion of this community.

We encourage you to recognize the importance of this month and take the time to learn more about people with disabilities. Learn how you can help, or how you or your loved one can benefit from our services.

National Disability Awareness Month strengthens our commitment to provide opportunity and growth for people with disabilities and gives us a chance to reach out to others. Please, join us in celebrating people with disabilities and the many contributions they make in our community this month. We encourage you to pick one or more of the ideas from the list below to help us raise awareness throughout this month. Together we can make a difference in our community!

Ten Ways to Support People
with Disabilities this March!
10 Ways to Support People With Disabilities

  • Like our Facebook page and post this as your Facebook status: I support and celebrate people with disabilities and you should too!
  • Follow us on Twitter @TheArcSanDiego and tweet: I support and celebrate people with disabilities and you should too! #disabilities.
  • Contact us to volunteer or donate. The Arc of San Diego is on the front lines of advocacy and provides services & support that are essential to people with disabilities and their families. 
  • Since many people with disabilities rely on publicly funded services to fully participate in their communities, policy makers need to know you are concerned about continuing those services in the face of budget cuts. Contact your legislator today and let them know you expect them to enact public policy to assist people with disabilities.
  • Help provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Talk to your employer about the practices for recruiting and hiring people with disabilities. Many employers don’t realize just how much an employee with a disability can contribute to the workplace, so inform them. 
  • Support businesses that employ people with disabilities and make sure they know you noticed.
  • Take the time to educate yourself and others about the needs of people with disabilities in San Diego County.
  • Make sure that your own words and actions are respectful of those with disabilities.Talk to your friends and family of the harmful impact of using words that are derogatory towards people with disabilities.
  • Write a blog post about someone you know with a disability and explain how they have inspired you.
  • Conduct community-based activities such as awareness campaigns in your school or business.


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