Corporate Compliance & Ethics Program

The Arc of San Diego has implemented The Corporate Compliance & Ethics Program (also referred to as Corporate Compliance Program) to ensure that all representatives of The Arc of San Diego are aware of the organization’s mandate to conduct all its’ services and business activities with the highest level of integrity and ethical standards. The Program has been tailored to the Agency’s varied operations and lines of business in order to effectively exercise due diligence in seeking to detect and prevent Medicare Fraud, Waste and Abuse or other criminal activity by its representatives.

Additionally, The Arc of San Diego will transact its business in compliance with all Medicare and Medicaid Program requirements and all laws of the jurisdictions in which it does business, including local, state and federal jurisdictions. As a not-for-profit Agency, The Arc of San Diego will conduct its’ business in compliance with all IRS regulations governing tax-exempt organizations and refrain from any private inurement and excess benefit transactions.

Designation of Chief Compliance Officer and Compliance Structure

The Arc of San Diego’s President & CEO, Anthony J. DeSalis, Esq., serves as the Chief Compliance Officer and is responsible for the oversight and implementation of The Corporate Compliance & Ethics Program.

Development of Standards and Written Policies and Procedures

The Corporate Compliance & Ethics Program sets the precedent for all Arc of San Diego representatives with reasonable expectations of legal and ethical behavior, with the President  & CEO developing and updating the Corporate Compliance & Ethics Program on an as-needed basis.

Compliance Education and Training

Formal compliance education and training is provided on the Agency’s Compliance Program and PLAN in the New Hire Orientation, Volunteer Orientation, and the formal Annual Board Orientation.

Auditing, Monitoring and Risk Assessment

The Arc of San Diego has identified various monitoring and auditing processes to help determine effective ways to detect if unethical or illegal conduct has occurred as it relates to activities of its’ representatives.

Ethics Hotline

The agency encourages individual responsibility for immediately reporting any activity by any Agency representative that reasonably appears to violate applicable laws or regulations or Corporate Compliance requirements by readily posting information for contacting the Agency with concerns, complaints, and requests for guidance through its’ Silent Whistle Hotline at 1-888-420-8816.

Response and Prevention

All Agency representatives have a responsibility to immediately report violations of the Agency’s Code of Business Ethics & Conduct. They receive whistleblower protection(s) not only under the Agency’s Board Policy but also under applicable State and Federal laws.
[Note: Whistleblower Protections DO NOT extend to those who are responsible for the violation(s), or who have deliberately made a false report.]

*Please direct all questions or concerns regarding the overall Corporate Compliance Program to (619) 685-1175.