Job Services for Adults with Disabilities


Community Employment Services participant organizes shelves at a local grocery store.The Arc's Employment Services program finds employment for people with disabilities in a variety of positions and industries throughout the community. Our staff can help you in the following areas:


Our staff lets you know of job openings, helps you complete job applications, and teaches you interviewing skills. You get advice on what to wear, help with resume writing, and how to handle difficult questions. You also learn the bus and trolley routes to work. When you're ready to begin your new job, your job coach makes sure you know your responsibilities. Your new employer pays you regular wages and you may receive benefits. Your job coach will remain with you to provide support for a period of time during your employment.


Here's a chance to work in the community for a fixed number of hours each week. You and your peers work together at a business, but each of you are responsible for a different job assignment. Your daily schedule depends on the needs of the business.

To apply for the Food Service Attendant position, click here.

Completed applications can be emailed to or submitted in person at:

3030 Market Street
San Diego, CA 92102


Together with a small crew of people, you perform service jobs in the community, such as grounds-keeping and custodial work. You learn about safety and the proper use of different tools such as buffers, mops, mowers, clippers, etc.


The Arc of San Diego provides direct placement using disability employment services that are not through the San Diego Regional Center. Our Direct Placement program helps with job placement, provides pre-placement training, and short-term support from a job coach.

For more information contact Kelcie Kopf, Senior Director of Employment Services, via email or (619) 685-1175 or Gina Turner, Director of Employment Services, at (619) 685-1175 or via email.

The Arc of San Diego is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. All participants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, veteran, ancestry, age, religion, disability, citizenship status or any other group protected by the law.

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