Services Offered:

Day Training

Combines classroom instruction with community integration and vocational development.

  • Adult Development Center
  • Community Inclusion Services
  • Seniors Program
  • Activity Center


Melanie Jewell

Phone: (858) 715-3780
Fax: (858) 715-3788

9575 Aero Drive
San Diego, CA 92123

About North Shores Vocational Center

North Shores Vocational Center currently serves 107 clients in our day program. While our day program shares a lot of the activities offered at other centers, such as art, gardening, computer labs, music and much more, we excel when it comes to preparing social events and feasts! We host several barbeques each year, including our Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day BBQs which are outstanding, and our Thanksgiving feast is unparalleled! This is primarily due to the ethnic diversity found at the center. Foods from Vietnam, Mexico, Africa, Philippines and India are blended with traditional turkeys, hams and all the fixings.

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