Services Offered:

Day Training

Combines classroom instruction with community integration and vocational development.

  • Adult Development Center
  • Activity Center
  • Community Inclusion Services
  • Seniors Program

Program Administrator:

Leilanie Baltazar

Phone: (619) 444-9417
Fax: (619) 444-7359

1374 E. Lexington Avenue
El Cajon, CA 92019

About East County Training Center

East County Training Center strives to serve the best interests of each individual we have the privilege of supporting. From individuals just transitioning from the public education system to individuals enjoying their "retirement" years, we strive to ensure the best experience possible for each of the 125 clients we currently serve.

We have multiple programs that meet the needs of various individuals while promoting independence. These programs include our Adult Development Center, Activity Center, Community Inclusion Services, and Seniors Program. Each program is designed to serve specific needs and interests of the individuals in the program.

Those in our Adult Development Center program participate in a variety of activities that include arts & crafts, health & fitness, and a variety of activities around our center such as gardening, exercise programs, and craft production. Those in the Activity Center program have the opportunity to enhance their vocational skills through activities such as assisting in the preparation of snacks and lunches purchased by clients at the center. Community Inclusion Services provides volunteer work opportunities for individuals on a daily volunteer basis and further enhance their vocational and community integration with the possibility of transitioning into a more independent job placement in the future. Our Seniors Program provides a unique opportunity for individuals in the "retirement" stage of life to maintain and enhance their quality of life through these "retirement" years. This is a community based program where individuals go out into the community on a daily basis and go on outings that include visiting parks, volunteering at various locations, eating lunch in the community, shopping, and many other fun activities.

Additionally, we hold weekly classes for all individuals in dance, poetry, gardening, singing, and drum circles. East County Training Center also hosts weekly self-advocacy and People First meetings, as well as meetings for the Arc Gavel Club Speakers Bureau  which teaches valuable communication and public speaking skills and is affiliated with Toastmasters International. The Arc Gavel Club & Speakers Bureau is open to all clients and self-advocates.

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